Kaleidoscope 2010

Kaleidoscope, meaning a complex pattern of continuously changing sequence of bright and interesting visions, gives new members of the OIYP network an opportunity to come together for the first time. This 8- day event is the launch of the 3 year OIYP cycle.

During Kaleidoscope Action Partners will live, learn and work together to deepen relationships, share values and enhance mutual understanding across economic, cultural, thematic and geographic boundaries. Formal and informal workshops and discussions bring about ideas for creating positive futures in communities.

Kaleidoscope in 2010 will be held in New Delhi, India. This location was chosen as it is a developing context within which many of the issues impacting on young people around the world are being tackled. With a vibrant, youth-oriented civil society and stable democracy, it is an opportunity for India to showcase their active civil society to young people from over 100 countries around the world.

India 2010 will be the first time Kaleidoscope has been held outside of its origins in Australia. Since 2000, Oxfam has hosted Kaleidoscope every 3 years in Sydney for events in 2000, 2004 and 2007. As a truly international event for young people from diverse communities around the world, Oxfam places great value on reflecting the values of the program through the decision to move the event to a vibrant and culturally diverse country – an exciting launch pad for the 2010 – 2013 OIYP Program!

The objectives of Kaleidoscope are:

  • Increase confidence, sense of connection and agency of young people as contributors to personal, social and political change when they return to their communities.
  • Broaden Action Partner skills, knowledge and perspectives of what their contributions to change can be and how to apply this in their work.
  • Build strategic networks of Action Partners, Oxfam and allies, regionally, thematically and across OIYP generations, to foster collective action within and beyond OIYP.
  • Inform the development of OIYP initiatives to provide ongoing support to Action Partners working at the local, national and global level.

  • Days to Kaleidoscope 2010: 20th November start date